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alice in wonderland

"Alice in Wonderland" - Cognimates demo from druga stefania on Vimeo.

Phillips Hue, Acrylic, Microphone, Wemo Smart Plug, motor, Cognimates

A multimedia installation created in collaboration with Stefania Druga when she was a masters student at the MIT Media Lab. The installation was created as a demo for Cognimates, a platform designed to teach Machine Learning to 7 -14 year old children.

the team: Stefania Druga, Sarah Vu, and Tammy Qiu

The installation would ask participants to describe their latest dream. Then with a Sentiment Analysis API, the installation would change music and colors depending on if the dream was a pleasant one or not. I conceived of the concept and was also responsible for fabricating all of the acrylic components using a laser cutter. Stefania, Sarah Vu, and I worked together to put the whole installation together.

cognimates interface

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