"I give you this watch, not that you might remember time, but so that you might forget it for a little while. I can only tell you that time is me turning and turning while the world is turning around a star that turns around a center that turns around the whole time. Among all the other things and the little turning animals and all the little turning worlds, there’s me trying to turn to you." (Matt Salyer, This American Life)


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a survey that probes users on their thoughts on aliens as well as their own place here on earth. the survey concludes with a modified drake equation to apply to the people in your own life.


the answers to the surveys were then vectorized using word2vec, dimension-reduced with PCA, and then plotted with VictoryChart onto a separate interface that is projected onto a large sphere. as users entered their answers, a corresponding "star" would appear on the surface of the sphere in relation to everyone else's answers.