it was after leaving california that i was first confronted by the idea of home.
                it took the loss of a home to find its maning all over again.
                                  i am sentimental


                in the bleeding sky of vienna
                the oak trees on lombard
                suburbia at twilight:
                all   v a s t    
                        and   e  m   p     t       y     

                                and     t      e        n          d         e                        r

                i have found a home between the ranges of the rocky mountains, in the rise and fall of our ascension into clouds.
                home is in turkish sunsets captured from airport windows,
                in all the drunken cab rides you take back into yourself
                between white petals of flowers in july
                hanging off branches of naked trees and empty trees in december.

home is made of the things that make you feel

most alive,

               most at peace,

                            most in love,

                            most in pain.

                                            most alone.

                                                            most human.

                    i have found a home in the places
                    i've been, the people i've met. 
                    the pictures i've taken, the paintings 
                    i've made, the poems i've read, the 
                    poems i've written, in words to be said 
                    and left unsaid.

                                            you can say that home
                                            is just a feeling,
                                            or just a concept, but
                                            home is both the escape
                                            from and the journey back
                                            into yourself.

                                            home is who you are.

                    and you, where is your home?